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This document outlines the cookies policy used on the Berkshire Bespoke Picture Framing website.

Berkshire Bespoke Picture Framing Website Cookies Policy Website Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy: For visitors to our site, the use of cookies is limited to storing a small amount of non-identifiable information used only to maintain information about the user's session. This is known as session cookies. The session cookies simply stores your browsing activity until you close your browser. Session cookies are never written on the hard drive and they do not collect any information from the user's computer. The session cookies expire at the end of the user's browser session.

Social Network Sharing: We encourage users to share our content and/or like our on profile on the popular Social Media websites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. In order to make ‘Social Sharing’ accessible, our website utilises widgets either provided directly from the Social Networks and/or via amalgamative widgets from third parties such as AddThis. Cookies and privacy implications from the social networks vary and will be dependent on your nominated privacy settings with each Social Network. Social Sharing buttons will only use cookies if you are signed to that respective Social Network at the time of being on our website.

Berkshire Bespoke Picture Framing Website Cookies Policy AB Frames Website Cookies Policy

How to disable cookies: Most modern browsers allow you to control your cookie settings, and you can disable cookies completely for all websites that you browse.

Berkshire Bespoke Picture Framing Website Cookies Policy

If you have any question regarding the confidentiality policy, please contact us using our enquiry form

Website Cookies Policy

Berkshire Bespoke Picture Framing Website Cookies Usage
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